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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Switch to a Solahart Solar Water heater and you will free the planet of tonnes of carbon every year.

Join the smart energy revolution

Investing in solar is a big decision, and it’s hard to know who you can trust. Solahart has been Australia’s leading name in solar since 1953. With almost 70 years experience in solar, we’ve installed more than a million systems and developed a reputation for unmatched quality and reliability. Solahart offers a complete renewable energy solution including solar power, solar hot water, and heat pumps.

So don’t settle for any old solar. Get smart. Get Solahart.


Trusted Experience

Since 1953 we have installed more than one million solar systems worldwide.


Unrivalled Quality 

Our products are designed and tested for the harshest Australian conditions.


Smarter Technology

Our smart systems soak up more sun, store more energy and save more money.

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Why it pays to get smart with Solahart

Thousands of smart households are taking control with Solahart. Here’s why.

Reduce your energy bills now

Solahart systems deliver amazing savings. Whether it’s Australia’s first solar-smart electric water heater, super-efficient solar water heater technology, or some of the most advanced solar panels and batteries, when you choose Solahart, you’re choosing the best of the best.

Get a smarter total-home solution

Solahart offers a total-home solution of intelligently connected solar products. Build your system one component at a time, or install a fully integrated package. Solahart’s Energy Management Unit lets you control it all to maximise your solar savings.

Live a more sustainable life

Install a Solahart Solar Water Heater, and you could reduce your carbon emissions by 1.6 to 2.7 tonnes every year. Add a Solahart Solar Power system, a home battery and a Solahart Energy Management Unit and you could reduce your carbon footprint even more.

I'd like to know more about Solahart's products

To find out more about our great products, or to get a solar quote, please call 1800 556 843 or fill in your details below.

Get smart, switch to Solahart today

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