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Solahart HS Series

Commercial Solar Water Heater Systems

Solahart’s commercial solar water heating range means that we are able to support a project from design stage to occupancy and beyond, in the process serving the needs of architects, developers, builders, selling agents and consumers. We have successfully completed many commercial scale projects, working alongside our clients to share our expertise and to function as an integral part of their team.

The Solahart Commercial Water Heating range of centralised solar thermal solutions is the latest result of our commitment to continuing product improvement and innovation. It has been developed to provide large volumes of low cost hot water that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, factories, mining villages, caravan parks, etc. where hot water usage requirements exceed 1,000 litres per day.


Key Features

Solahart Commercial Solar Water Heaters combine our proven solar collectors with a centralised heat store to extract the sun’s free energy and hold it ready for use. Highly efficient heat exchangers transfer the stored energy to the water supply to meet your hot water requirements on demand. A range of booster options ensures a continuous hot water supply regardless of the demand or weather.

This combination of storage and controlled heat transfer allows the system to quickly deliver large volumes of water at a consistent supply temperature. Each system is specifically customised to best meet your requirements and existing infrastructure. The flexibility of the Solahart HS Series ensures it can be connected as a solar pre-heater to immediately reduce the running costs of almost any existing hot water plant with minimal disruption to the installation. Alternatively, the system can be tailored for new building projects or as a complete replacement for old, inefficient water heaters.

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