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Start your smart energy future today - The benefits of going solar.

There is a quiet solar revolution happening on the rooftops. And at Solahart we are proud to be leading the charge, one home, one family, one solar panel at a time. We are helping smart people make a real difference to the planet, cutting their energy bills, and connecting them to their smart energy future. It’s time to join the revolution. It’s time to get smart, with Solahart.

Reduce your energy bills today

Solar is a great way to reduce your energy bills and your reliance on energy companies by harnessing the sun’s free energy. At Solahart, we have been delivering hot water free from the sun to households around the world for over 70 years. Since then, our range has expanded to include solar power and energy storage technology.


It makes good sense to start your journey into renewable technology by firstly reducing the amount of energy you use. Conventional water heaters typically make up around 25% of a household’s energy consumption; so a great way to minimise the energy you consume from the grid or gas network is to replace your gas or electric water heater with a Solahart, and use the sun to produce the hot water your home requires.

For ultimate savings, combine a solar water heater with a solar power system to provide power to your home, and supplement this with a battery system to store free energy you can use at night, or when the sun is not shining. Any surplus power can then be fed back into the grid.


A more sustainable future

By switching to an energy source that’s clean and green, like solar, you can help reduce your carbon emissions and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

For example, you can replace your electric water heater with a Solahart, and you could save up to 1.6 to 2.6 tonnes of carbon emissions per year^, which is equivalent to taking a small car off the road.

Install a solar power system to generate energy without the aid of fossil fuels and enjoy more independence from the grid. Then add battery storage for a complete solution to further reduce your carbon footprint.

Our goal is to help you decide on a solar solution that is suitable to you and not only to help you save money but also to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle while reducing your impact on the environment.

By investing in solar technology, you can help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels in favour of one of the most abundant, consistent sources of energy we have available: our sun. 

I'd like to know more about Solahart's products

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