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Solahart Premium

Roof Top Solar System

Solahart's roof mounted tank systems save space at ground level and their elegant simplicity make them efficient and reliable. The Solahart Premium Series is a roof mounted, open circuit solar water heater specifically designed to provide economical service in medium to high solar gain areas.


The Solahart Premium System is available in 180lt and 300lt capacities to ensure every household has ample hot water.

Mounting Options

With mounting options for flat and pitched roofs; open vented and high pressure, we have a solution for any sitution.

Solahart Premium Roof Top Solar: Key Attributes


Most suitable for areas that receive medium to high levels of solar radiation and are not subject to frost conditions.

In medium solar gain areas that do not experience frost



Corrosion protection for the water heater’s solar tank is achieved by using a proven, high quality vitreous enamel lining on the tank. Additional protection is gained by the use of a sacrificial anode.

Minimal Maintenance, Maximum Protection



The electric boosted models are equipped with an in-tank element. Alternatively the system can be installed as a pre-heater with an inline Solahart gas booster water heater.

All system are supplied with a backup electric booster




Key Features

The L Series is ingenious in its simplicity. The black polyester powder coated aluminium absorber collects the sun's heat and transfers it to the water in the 7 risers. Copper is used for the risers for its high thermal conductivity ensuring the maximum amount of heat energy is passed to the water. As the water in the risers is heated, it rises into the tank to be replaced by cooler water from the tank. The solar heated water is then stored ready for use - hot water free from the sun.

The L Series has a ceramic lined tank with a protective sacrificial anode. The L Free Heat features additional anode protection. 

Technical Specifications

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