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Sun City - South Africa

Location: South Africa.

Hot Water Requirements: 65,100 litres/day at 55℃.

Solar Collectors: 434 x Solahart kf Collectors (802.9m2 in total)

Storage System: 217 x Solahart 300l J Tanks. (65,100 litres in total). Electrically boosted.

Estimated Energy Saving: 838,054 kWh per year.

Sun City is a large resort in the North West Province of South Africa. The resort includes four hotels, two of which are five star. These are the world famous Palace of the Lost City, Sun City Main Hotel, Sun City Cabanas, Cascades Hotel and the self-catering Sun City Vacation Club.

The majority of the resorts staff are housed on-site in specially designed accomodation. The accomodation units range from 1-4 bedrooms.

Sun City needed a more efcient hot water delivery method and a case study would demonstrate potential savings as well as improving the resorts Heritage® rating. Solahart redesigned and decentralised the boiler/ring main system and installed Solahart 302KF systems. On site, real-time data logging and monitoring systems have been installed.

Solahart redesigned the hot water delivery system and reduced energy consumption by 77% from 7,19kWh/100 litres to 1,62kWh/100 litres for staff units. Added to this Solahart also managed to reduce the electricity supply to the staff village by 66%.

Download the Full Case Study file:

Case Study Sun City Staff Village - Solar Water Heating
Download PDF • 1.37MB

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