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My Quynh Safari

Location: Duc Hoa, Long An Province, Vietnam

Hot Water Requirements: 3,300 litres/day at 550C for 22 Duplex Villas

System Installed: 22 x Sunheat 150L Solar Water Heaters

Estimated Energy Saving: 30,000 kWh a year compared to electric water heaters

As the first semi-wild safari park south of Ho Chi Minh city, My Quynh Safari covers over 50 hectares divided into 3 main areas: semi-wild area, zoo area and entertainment complex resort. My Quynh is an ideal destination for families in and around Ho Chi Minh city; it attracts 5-6 million visitors per year.

Instead of the traditional electric water heaters, the owner was looking for a sustainable energy-saving water heating solution with high efficiency and aesthetic requirements in phase 1 of the project, Solahart solar water heater systems were selected for the project, with 22 x Sunheat 150L fitted to the first 22 duplex villas, each for 4-5 guests. This helps to generate 3,300 liters of hot water per day and estimated savings 30,000 kWh a year.

The installation of Solahart is expected to build the sustainable and green value of this entertainment complex resort and reduce the operation and maintenance cost in 6 to 10 years.

Download the Full Case Study file:

MyQ Safari
Download PDF • 817KB

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