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Solahart Heat Pumps

Commercial Heat Pumps

Solahart Flat Plate Collector are manufactured using extra strong, toughened glass that is resistant to breaking. This toughened glass provides a stronger, safer, more durable application than evacuated tube collectors. All Evacuated Tube collectors suffer from performance degradation due to loss of vacuum. Solahart Flat Plate Collectors are built to last and do not rely on a vacuum for their performance. There are many Solahart systems that are over 20 years old and still working, providing hot water day after day.


Key Features

The driving energy source for the system are the market-leading Solahart solar collectors. The range ensures there is a collector type suitable for almost every location on the planet. Each collector is constructed with an aluminium outer casing, lined with dense insulation to minimise heat losses. Low iron, tempered glass maximises the solar energy received by the absorber.

  • Copper risers header Pipe

  • Black Powder coat or Selective surface absorber

  • Laser welded (Absorber/riser)

  • Brass M33 female screw fittings with ‘O’ Rings 

  • Polyester Blanket & Side Insulation

  • Tempered Low Iron Glass

  • Aluminium tray

  • Aluminium extrusion glazing trim

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