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Solahart's roof mounted tank systems save space at ground level and their elegant simplicity make them efficient and reliable. The Solahart Premium Series is a roof mounted, open circuit solar water heater specifically designed to provide economical service in medium to high solar gain areas. With two size options the Solahart Premium Serie is ideal for applications where solar hot water is required.

Solahart Premium 300L Solar Water Heater

  • Solahart Premium Brochure: Download

    Why Solahart Solar Hot Water Systems: Download

    Why Solahart Solar Hot Water Systems: Download

  • Tank Model 300L Tank 302L System
    Storage Capacity 300 Litres 300 litres
    Boost Capacity (Electric) 150 litres 150 litres
    Weight Empty 91 kg 156 kg
    Weight Full 391 kg 460 kg
    A-Width 2.43 m 2.48 m
    B-Length* 0.51 m 2.53 m

     * For servicing and safe access, a space equal to the tank length should be left on the water connection end of the system and 1m (40in) should be left on the three other sides of the installation. 


    L Collectors
    Aperture (heating) Area 1.87 m2
    Length 1943 mm
    Width 1027 mm
    Height 83 mm
    Capacity 1.2 litres
    Empty 29 kg
    Full 32 kg
    Working Pressure 1000 kPa
    145 psi
    Absorber Surface Black polyester powder coat
    Absorber Material aluminium
    Riser Material copper tube
    Tray Material 0.7 mm aluminium
    Insulation Material - Base 38 mm polyester blanket
    Glass 3.2 mm tempered low iron glass

    *Weight includes fittings

    Electric Boost Specifications
    Heating Unit Type Cooper sheath immersion element
    Supply Voltage 240 V -250 V
    Recovery Rate (litres/hour) @ 240V and Temperature Rise of:
    1.8 8 51 39 31
    2.4 10 68 52 41
    3.6 15 103 77 62
    4.8 20 137 103 83
    Water Supply
    TPR Valve Setting 1000 kPa
    145 psi
    ECV* Setting 850 kPa
    125 psi
    Max. Supply Pressure
    With ECV 680 kPa
    Without ECV 800 kPa
    Water Connections
    Cold DN15 compression fitting
    Hot R 1/2

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