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How to choose the right solar water heater

How to choose the right solar water heater

Solar water heaters are increasingly popular devices that many people choose to use today. They bring the most practical benefits to users, specifically by providing hot water for daily needs using clean, available, and free solar energy. At the same time, solar water heaters are also very safe for users and the surrounding environment.

1. Factors need to consider when choosing a solar water heater

Storage tank capacity:

If you have chosen to use a solar water heater system, choosing the right storage tank is extremely important. This will depend on the usage needs of your family or business.

  • For households with 2-5 people: Choose a SHW system with a storage capacity of about 140-180 liters.

  • For families with 8 or more people: Choose a SHW system with a capacity of about 240-300 liters.

  • For high-demand and large-scale applications, such as hotels, guesthouses, or industrial areas, choose a tank with a capacity of over 300 liters.

Tank insulation material and base:

To have a durable and high-quality product, the insulation material and base of the tank must have high durability and be resistant to oxidation. These are the external protective layers that are exposed to climate impact.

The most commonly chosen materials for tank insulation and base are stainless steel 304 or aluminum alloy coated with electrostatic paint. These two materials are considered to meet the standards, are sturdy, and have excellent corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

Installation location:

The placement of the solar water heater is one of the most important factors. It determines whether the machine can absorb heat effectively. The machine operates based on the natural heat convection principle and uses the greenhouse effect to convert solar energy into thermal energy. Therefore, before installation, you need to survey and choose the most suitable and optimal location for the machine. The machine should be placed in the right direction to absorb sunlight effectively.


The brand is also an important criterion to consider when choosing a solar water heater. With such an important system, if you choose products that do not meet the standards, it can easily lead to malfunctions, resulting in repair and maintenance costs later on.

2. Installation and maintenance of solar water heaters

2.1 Installation steps for solar water heaters:

Step 1: Prepare accessories.

Step 2: Install the frame kit.

Step 3: Install the energy tank onto the stand.

Step 4: Install the heat collector onto the energy tank.

Step 5: Connect the plumbing.

Step 6: Connect the water inlet and outlet.

Post-installation check: After installation, check if there are any water leaks in the connections. Also, check the water pipes leading to the tank and test the water temperature during operation.

2.2 Maintenance:

After a period of use, if you use clean water, it is recommended to clean the solar water heater tank every 4-5 years. If you use well water, clean the tank every 2-3 years. You will notice a decrease in the hot water temperature compared to when it was newly installed, slightly cloudy water, or sometimes a lack of hot water. When you notice these issues, it is time to check and clean the solar water heater tank.

Over time, sediment and dirt, including dust, scale, algae, etc., will accumulate in the insulation tank (hot water storage tank), in the vacuum glass tubes, and even in the hot water pipes. That's why you should clean your solar water heater annually.

3. Famous brands of solar water heaters - Solahart

Solahart is a pioneering brand in the solar water heater industry from Australia, with 70 years of formation and development. It confidently provides customers with high-quality, safe, and durable products over time. The Solahart brand's reputation is leading in the markets of Australia.

Installing over one million solar water heating systems and having a distribution network in over 70 countries, Solahart is a trusted brand in the solar industry. If you are considering using solar energy, choose the best solution.

Choosing the right solar water heating system is not easy. While price is always a consideration, it is also important to receive honest and detailed advice, have a hassle-free installation process, and comprehensive after-sales service.

Solahart solar water heating systems are only supplied through authorized Solahart dealers who are trained and qualified to provide the best solar water heating solution for specific installation conditions.

4. Solahart Solar Water Heating Models and Features

Solahart Sunheat:

Solahart Sunheat is a solar water heating system designed and developed in Australia specifically for providing hot water using solar energy in areas with medium to high solar radiation. The absorber plate, coated with black powder-coated aluminum, absorbs heat radiation from the sun and transfers it to the water in copper pipes. As the water temperature increases, it rises and moves into the storage tank to replace the cooler water in the tank. This cooler water then flows back to the collector to continue being heated by the sun. The storage tank has an enamel coating to enhance corrosion protection and a protective anode to prolong its lifespan. The Sunheat series utilizes Solahart's flat plate heat exchange technology, manufactured with toughened safety glass for durability and safety compared to vacuum glass tubes.

Solahart Premium:

Solahart Premium is a roof-mounted solar water heating system designed for areas with medium to high solar radiation. It comes in 180L and 300L capacities to meet higher hot water demand. The product features an imported storage tank from Australia and reinforced flat plate collector for added strength and durability.

Solahart Streamline:

The Solahart Streamline collectors absorb solar radiation and transfer heat to the water. The 'L' type collector with black powder-coated aluminum absorber surface provides an energy-efficient solution in areas with medium to high solar radiation. Solar energy is directly transferred to the water as it passes through the collectors via a circulating pump, and the hot water is stored in an MDV storage tank installed on the ground. The integrated boost heater inside the storage tank ensures hot water supply during periods of weak or no sunlight. Additionally, the system can be installed as a primary water heater when combined with Solahart's gas-boosted water heater.

Solahart Atmos Air Heat Pump:

Solahart Atmos Air Heat Pump is specifically designed with integrated protection features, including:

Enamel-coated storage tank: Enamel coating and steel plate reduce the risk of corrosion and water leakage, ensuring water pressure is maintained for years.

High efficiency: With advanced technology, a Solahart Atmos Air Heat Pump can achieve a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 3.8, making it a high-performance hot water system.

Side-mounted fan design: The side-mounted fan design is specially developed to protect the equipment from heavy rain often encountered in tropical climates.

Coiled copper tube around the storage tank: The coiled copper tube provides durability and maximum heat transfer efficiency.

Smart control panel: The responsive LED touchscreen allows easy control of the device with a touch.

Durable lid: With a durable plastic lid, the device can withstand all weather conditions.

We hope that this information from Solahart will help you make informed decisions when choosing a solar water heating system. Contact Solahart today for detailed advice on all our products.

Hotline: 1900 588 860

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