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Things you need to know about solar hot water heater

Nowadays, with the increasing cost of energy and concerns about the environment, it's no surprise that many people are switching to solar water heaters as an alternative solution to electric or gas-powered systems. Let's explore some general information about solar water heaters in the following article!

1. Types of solar water heaters

1.1 Vacuum tube solar water heaters

Vacuum tube solar water heaters are machines that use vacuum tubes as heat collectors. These tubes are made of three layers of durable glass. The outer surface of the tubes is transparent, while the inner surface is coated with silver or titanium to prevent reverse reflection.

With the vacuum tubes, they can absorb sunlight without reflecting it, effectively heating the water within four hours.

1.2 Flat plate solar water heaters

Flat plate solar water heaters use flat heat absorbers instead of glass tubes like other types. The flat heat absorber consists of a converging lens layer on the outside, which maximizes the absorption of thermal radiation from the sun onto the heat absorber plate. This heat is then transferred to the water inside the copper pipes within the flat plate to produce hot water.

Additionally, the separated design of the heat absorber plate and insulated tank allows for flexible installation anywhere, making it suitable for small roofs or situations where it's inconvenient to install a storage tank on the roof and higher aesthetic requirements are desired.

2. How do solar water work?

Operation principle of solar water heaters

Due to the specific design of solar water heaters mentioned above, these devices operate based on the principles of natural convection and the greenhouse effect. In other words, they convert solar energy into thermal energy to heat the water.

Solar energy radiation will heat the surface of the heat absorber, which then transfers the heat to the water inside the collectors.

According to the thermosiphon principle , the hot water rises to the top of the storage tank, while the colder water is pushed down and enters the heat collectors to continue being heated. This process occurs continuously and repeatedly when available solar energy sources.

3. Benefits of using Solahart solar water heaters

Long-lasting and cost-saving investment

One of the benefits of using Solahart solar water heaters is cost savings, both in the short and long term. Although the initial investment for a Solahart solar water heater may be higher compared to traditional systems, its high efficiency and durability make it a worthwhile investment. Additionally, Solahart offers attractive incentives and reliable after-sales services to make your switching to solar energy more feasible.

Outstanding technology from pioneering solar energy experts in Australia

Since 1953, Solahart has introduced the first solar water heating system in Australia and quickly gained popularity in the Australian, American, and New Zealand markets. Through 70 years of continuous technological innovation, Solahart products have consistently asserted their pioneering position in the energy industry and possess outstanding features that meet the highest quality standards.

Usable even in low sunlight conditions

The unique design of Solahart solar water heaters minimizes heat loss when solar energy is not available. Furthermore, the system has an automatic backup heating function for prolonged periods of low sunlight.

Safe to use

Solahart solar water heaters primarily utilize solar energy to generate free hot water. The product is equipped with an electric heating element to meet hot water demands during periods of low sunlight. It has been certified electrically safe by Quatest 3 according to QCVN 4:2009/BKHCN/AMD1:2016.

Environmentally friendly

Solar water heaters contribute to protecting the living environment of individuals, especially in the current situation of severe climate change impacts. In the 21st century, as environmental pollution issues received increasing attention, the use of environmentally friendly products has become a trend in modern and civilized life.

Solahart Sunheat is researched and manufactured using environmentally friendly materials. They undergo rigorous testing processes to ensure minimal energy loss, maximum productivity, durability, and longevity. The product primarily operates based on abundant natural energy provided by the sun.

Switching to Solahart can help to reduce carbon emissions by 1.6 to 2.6 tons per year, thus contributing to the preservation of our planet.

4. Suggestions for Solahart solar water heater products

Solahart solar water heater products
Solahart solar water heater products

Solahart Sunheat 150L

  • Capacity: 150 liters

  • Family size: 2-5 people

  • Storage capacity: 150 liters

  • Collector: 1

  • Warranty: 5 years

• Premium direct heating system without circulation pump.

• The hot water tank is better than conventional glass tube tanks. The Solahart tank has an inner enamel coating to protect against corrosive elements in the water. Additionally, the Solahart tank has a thick insulation layer to minimize heat loss.

• High-performance, durable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing flat plate collectors.

• Sealed system capable of withstanding high pressure

• The product is pressure-resistant and can be directly connected to a booster pump for water supply without the need for elevated water tanks. This ensures safety, high aesthetic value, and provides strong hot water pressure to showers and faucets.

• Equipped with electric backup heating to ensure hot water availability in all weather conditions.

• Designed in Australia, suitable for good climate conditions.

Solahart solar water heater products
Solahart solar water heater products

Solahart Premium 180L & 300L

Solahart L series is a roof-mounted solar water heater specifically designed for areas with medium to high solar energy radiation.

  • Capacity: 180 liters & 300 liters

  • Family size: 4-6 people (180L); 5-8 people (300L)

  • Storage capacity: 180 liters

  • Q’ty of Collector: 1ea (180L); 2ea (300L)

  • Warranty: 5 years

• Premium direct heating system without circulation pump.

• The L series heat collector features toughened glass, aluminum absorber plate, and copper pipes for hot water flow. The frame of the heat collector is made of aluminum.

• The storage tank is enamel coated and wrapped with layers of insulation to maintain hot water for a longer period. The tank shell is made of Stucco aluminum commonly used in the marine industry.

• Anode rod to prevent corrosion caused by hard water, ensuring durability of the storage tank.

• The system can withstand high pressure, allowing for direct connection to a booster pump for input water supply.

• Equipped with electric backup heating to ensure hot water availability in all weather conditions.

• Energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and safe.

These are the basic overview and information about Solahart solar water heaters. To become a smart buyer and choose the most suitable product for your family's needs, please contact us immediately via

Hotline: 1900.588.860 or visit our website at .

We hope that the information provided by Solahart above will help you make the best choice.

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